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Seventh international course on Shi'ism was held

Published: 2018/10/29    

Seventh international course on Shi'ism was held

Seventh international course on Shi'ism was held at The University of Religions and Denominations from 22nd till 31st of August, hosting researchers from six countries, in order to make familiarity with Shi'ite teachings.

This course has been held every six months since 2015. The seventh course hosted researchers and students from Germany, Australia, Austria, India, Italy and Serbia.

During this course, participants got familiar with the most principal historical and doctrinal beliefs of Shi'a like the history of emergence, Shi'ism and contemporary Iran, sources of Shi'ite thought, Mahdism doctrine, Imamate, mourning rituals, prayers, Shi'ite ethics, Shi'ite political thought, Ijtihad and Fatwa as well as Shi'ism and women.

In addition to foreign guests, there were also a number of Iranian students and researchers who had discussions with foreign participants over Shi'ism.

In addition to attending the classes, every evening and also the last three days, the participants had cultural tour in Qom, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran and Abyaneh Village to get familiar with religious and historical places related to Shi'ism and also religious minorities and eventually experience peaceful life of followers of Iranian religions and denominations.

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2019/02/19 - 13:31:59

The seventh Shia intensive course was of great help for me to understand more and more about the Shia Ideology. This course gave an opportunity to understand Shi'ism deeply. I feel very lucky that I was a participant in this course and inshallah if I get an opportunity then I would like to be a part of such course again in the future.


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