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The 6th international short-term course on Shi'ism ends

Published: 2018/05/31    

The 6th international short-term course on Shi'ism ends

The 6th international short-term course on Shi'ism which started on February the 20th at the University of Religions and Denomination hosting professors and researchers from 5 continents ended on February 26th. 

Participants from such various countries as America, Australia, Austria, Japan, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, and Sudan got familiar with the most principal historical and doctrinal beliefs of Shi'a like the history of emergence, Shi'ism and contemporary Iran, sources of Shi'ite thought, Mahdism doctrine, Imamate, mourning rituals, prayers, Shi'ite ethics, Shi'ite political thought, Ijtihad and Fatwa as well as Shi'ism and women.

Eminent university and howzeh professors like Mohammad Legenhausen, Mohammad Ali Shomali, Seyed Hasan Eslami, Hamid Reza Shari'atmadari, Sadeg Haghighat, Mohammad Samiei, Na'imeh Pour Mohammadi, Mehdi Rezazadeh, Hmed Fayazi and Mohsem Qanbari presented lectures.

In addition to foreign quests, Iranian students and researchers were present too. The conference ended with the cultural tour to Isfahan, Kashan and Tehran.

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