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URD Interfaith Dialogue Office

Published: 2014/11/25    

URD Interfaith Dialogue Office

As it is understood from the name of the "University of Religions and Denominations", this institute seeks academic ways to create a peaceful atmosphere of dialogue between all religions and their followers; in order to reach this goal the "URD Interfaith Dialogue Office" has been launched in 2010.

The office contacts with its counterparts from all religions to discuss the possible ways for:

  • Holding bilateral meetings and sessions on interfaith dialogue
  • Express the position of Islam towards the followers of other religions
  • Examine the possible ways of academic cooperation with the other universities such as student exchange and short term educational courses on interreligious studies
  • Make the arrangements for the members of the office and URD faculty members to visit the other institutions around the world who pursue the same goals as those of the office
  •  Make the arrangements for inviting and receiving guests from the above-mentioned  institutions who are interested to visit URD



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