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Published: 2014/11/23    


Hojjat-ul-Eslam-val- Moslemin, Dr. Seyyed Abul-Hasan Navvāb was born in 1958 in Shahrezā (Ghumsheh), a small town near Isfahān, Iran in a renowned family, his father being a prominent religiously dedicated figure of the city.

Having passed elementary educations, as a 13-year-old teenage, Mr. Navvāb entered Hawzah (Shiite Islamic Seminary School) in Qom, a city known for hosting the most outstanding Shiite schools and scholars.

Up to the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran, he continued his seminary education in classical sciences such as Islamic theology, philosophy, exegesis of Qurān and modern ones like sociology as well, teaching different fields for the freshmen of schools affiliated to Hawzah, simultaneously.

By the commence of eight-year war, imposed by Saddām Hussain on his country, he left his educational activities to battle as a soldier instead, against the enemy.

During the next twenty years he has always been active in several administrative, mostly cultural, positions among which the most important are as follows:


Administrative Activities:

  1. Deputy of International affairs in "The Organization for Islamic Propagation" (2yrs).
  2. Deputy of Relations in "Islamic Culture and Relations Organization" (3 yrs).
  3. Deputy of "The AhlulBayt World Assembly" (5yrs)
  4. Founder and president of "The Center for Studies on Religions and Denominations", now a well-organized university, unique of its kind in the Middle East.
  5. General Manager of "The Center for Social Services of Seminary Schools of Iran"
  6. Deputy of "Imām Khomeini Educational and Research Institute"
  7. Chief Editor of "Haft Asemān" (Seven Hevens) Magazine Since 1999
  8. President of "Religions and Denominations University since the foundation in 2002


Memberships of Councils:

  1. Membership in Jury board of Press Court (for two rounds)
  2. Membership in Directorate Board of "Organization of Seminary Schools Abroad" (for two rounds)
  3. Membership in Directorate Board of "The Center for Social Services of Seminary Schools of Iran" (for five rounds since 26 years ago); Chairman of the Board since 2010


  1. Membership in the Board of Trustees of "The Organization for Islamic Propagation"
  2. Founder and Member of the Board of Trustees of "The Center for Studies on Religions and Denominations" (1996-2005)
  1. Membership in the "Supreme Council of " The AhlulBayt World Assembly" since 2005
  1. Membership in "Supreme Institute for Hijrah Project of Qom Seminary School" (2000-2005)
  2. Deputy Chairman and Member of the Board of Trustees of  the "Institute for the Propagation of  the Prayer"
  3. Membership in the Board of Trustees in the "University of Religions and Denominations"
  4. Membership in the Board of Trustees in "Al-Mustafa International University"
  5. Membership in the "Policy Making Council in Religions Affairs of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization"
  6. Membership in "The Supreme Council of Taghreeb News Agency"


Scientific and Educational Activities:

  1. Teaching Islamic Philosophy, Quran Sciences, Islamic Jurisprudence, Arabic Literature and Islamic Sects  in B.A, and Ph.D courses at: University of Religions and Denominations, University of Tehran, University of Islamic Denominations
  2. Teaching at Seminary Schools of Qom and Tehran (for 10 yrs)
  3. Publication of Several articles in the newspapers of Iran, as well as several interviews in radio and T.V programs
  4. Participating in several panel discussions on faith and religion in many countries
  5. Teaching in Islamic Student Associations at home and abroad before and after the Islamic revolution

Published Works:


  1. (Purity of Human) (in Arabic)
  2. Geography of Shia (Shiism in Contemporary World) (in Persian)


In Persian:

  1. A Critical Examination of Traditional Arguments for Purity and Impurity of the People of the Book, "Islamic Jurisprudence Research", vol. 9, issue 4, winter 2013
  2. Reformatory Developments in the World of Islam; A Comparison between the New Islamic Era and Christianity in 16th Century, "Philosophical and Theological Researches", issue 54, winter 2013
  3. Capacities and Challenges of the Approximation of Islamic Sects in Lebanon, Shiite Studies, to be published in fall, 2015.
  4. Takfiri Movements: the Most Important Challenge before Islamic Awakening, Presented in the "Conference of Islamic Awakening", Tehran, 2013
  5. The institution of Marjaeyyat and its Role in the Victory of Contemporary Islamic Movements, with an Emphasis on the Character of Imam Khomeini, Matin Research Jurnal, (Under Evaluation).
  6. The Conditions of the Implementation of  "Figh-hun-Navazil", "Islamic Jurisprudence Research" (Under Evaluation)

Articles in Arabic:

  1. Purity and Impurity of the People of the Book, An Analytical Jurisprudential  Examination, Horizons of Islamic Civilization, (Under Evaluation)
  2. An Analytical Examination of Shiite and Sunnite Jurisprudents, Arguments on Purity and Impurity of the Non-Moslem, International Journal of Humanities, (Under Evaluation(


Articles in English:

Survey of Islamic International Relations in Prophetic Tradition, Religious Inquiries, Vol.2, No.3, winter & spring 2013


Foreign Travels:

Hujjat-ul- Islam Dr. Navvab has achieved an invaluable experience of visiting more than 70 foreign countries, lasting one week to six months, in order to do a great number of philanthropic and humanitarian special cultural missions to propagate the peaceful message of Islam, some of these countries are as follows: U.K, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, China, Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia,  Slovakia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Holland, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Morocco, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Nigeria, Canada, U.A. Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, U.S, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, Spain, Yemen, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar, Russia, Oman and some more.

Dr. Navvab, a messenger of peace and coexistence of all religions, wishes he could get maximum use of his worldwide experience to accomplish his duties towards Islam .                 

In consultation with the president, the trustees determine the long-range allocation of resources, making decisions in the context of the needs and expectations of the University's constituencies.


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