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Deputy of Research

Published: 2014/11/23    

Deputy of Research

Since it, s foundation in 1994, the University of Religions and Denominations is a research-oriented institution, a unique of it, s category in Iran, working comparatively on religions and denominations.

A URD student from the very entrance feels like being in a research-based university that functions as a pioneer of religious studies in Iran and even the region, despite being located in Qom, a city that is unjustly renowned as a center of Shiite fundamentalism, while it host the richest Shiite seminary schools with logically open-minded students and a guest-friendly atmosphere, to be honest.

As mentioned, URD as a leading institution in religious studies by means of its deputy of research publishes some of the outstanding journals and periodicals specialized on comparative studies of religions, starting with "Haft Asaman" (seven heavens), now extended to four specialized scientific-research  journals, namely : Religious Inquiries (in English), Islamic Denominations Research Journal, Interreligious Research Journal and Shiite Studies  Journal.

In addition, the deputy of research of URD guides an elite group of experts to translate the classical works on comparative studies of religions into Persian, and write pedagogical books in this field as well, most of which are unique works published for the first time in Iran.

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