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Board of Trustees:

Published: 2014/11/23    


The governing and administrative body of URD includes Board of Founders, Board of Trustees, University Council and the President.


Board of Trustees:

URD Board of Trustees are elected from among those individuals who by virtue of their previous activities have demonstrated the strongest dedication, understanding, and support of it’ s ultra national mission of seeking peace among the followers of all religions.

The trustees seek to support and reinforce the administration in several ways. They serve as a bridge between the University and the world; on the one hand, interpreting the institution to the public, and on the other hand, bringing in experience and perceptions gained outside the University. They oversee the University's relations with other institutions, the private sector, government bodies, and the media.

The members of URD board of trustees are as follows:

  1. Representative for Hawzah Supreme Council
  2. Representative for the Ministry of Science, Researches and Technology
  3. The Governor of the City of Qom
  4. The President of the University
  5. Three Members of the Board of Founders

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The University of Religions & Denominations, the first of its kind in Iran, is an offshoot of the Islamic Seminary established to train experts and conduct research in these very fields. While striving to introduce Islam in the light of the teachings of the Holy Prophet’s Household ... more

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