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Message of the President of University for the New Year

The president of University of Religions and Denominations, Sayyid Abulhasan Navab, has released a Christmas message on the birth of Jesus Christ and New Year.

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The Fund of Cultural Workshop Tour of Today Iran

The entire fee of the program including accommodation, food, domestic transportation and tickets of tourist sites are supplied by the sponsoring Institutions, and the participants are only required to pay for their flight, visa, and registration fee.

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َAyatullah Damad in the Opening Ceremony:

On Thursday, October 18, 2018 the opening ceremony of the 2018-2019 academic year at the University of Religions and Denominations was held  in the presence of scholars, university professors and students, and  with the speeches of Ayatullah Dr. Seyyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad,   an associate member of the Academy of Sciences of Iran and a seminary and university professor .

Seventh international course on Shi'ism was held at The University of Religions and Denominations from 22nd till 31st of August, hosting researchers from six countries, in order to make familiarity with Shi'ite teachings.

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The goal of organizing the international course on “Mysticism and Sufism in Islam and Iran” is to provide a general introduction of Islamic Mysticism and Sufism and its different perspectives in Iran and will cover a range of topics.

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The First International Intensive Course Introducing Moderate Islam and Takfiri Islam aims to discuss the view of moderate Islam regarding diversity of beliefs, human and women's rights, Islamophobia and terrorism as well as introducing present deviant factions 

According to our outstanding worldly-popular visitors and not a mere claim, the URD Library is the richest of its kind in the Middle East as the only specialist library for the study of all religions and denominations.


Father Joel Carl Hunter:

Today, world needs centers like URD in order to create a true dialogue among the religions and their followers.

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The University of Religions & Denominations, the first of its kind in Iran, is an offshoot of the Islamic Seminary established to train experts and conduct research in these very fields. While striving to introduce Islam in the light of the teachings of the Holy Prophet’s Household ... more

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